FoxboroughPatch vs. The Foxboro Reporter

The one thing that I noticed off the bat when comparing the two news sources was the contributors. has their own writers and the same goes for The Foxboro Reporter. What I found to be very interesting is that the news writers for FoxboroughPatch are people who live in the area they are writing about. Not only do they live in the surrounding area, but many, if not all of the contributors for FoxboroughPatch have grown up in the Foxboro area as well. The website itself seems very clean and easily manageable.

The Foxboro Reporter, on the other hand, seems to have a small staff. Their print edition is not very big and doesn’t have much news from outside of the Foxboro area. Moreover, on their website the news pieces are either published by an anonymous author or by Frank Mortimer. Even a lot of the photography that is put up on the website is taken by Mr. Mortimer – another hint that it’s a small staff. Additionally, the website is difficult to maneuver and not very user-friendly.

The contributors that post on FoxboroughPatch write articles on a consistent basis. There are multiple posts per day and the pieces are published within hours of each other. The pieces are written for Foxboro residents but the topics range in subject – from opinion pieces to local news and even local government is covered.

The Foxboro Reporter, on the other hand, is published weekly. Therefore, the residents of Foxboro have to rely on the larger The Sun Chronicle to get their daily news. On The Foxboro Reporter’s website, news is posted pretty frequently but not as frequent as Patch. News posts come in only two or three times a day and every other section of the website seems hit or miss with reliability. The sports section, however, seems to be kept up to date with local high school game information.

Do I trust one news source more than the other? I’d have to say that the answer would definitely have to be an astounding YES. The fact that The Foxboro Reporter is a weekly publishing tells me that the contributors to both the print and online versions of the newspaper have more time to put together some very good stories. Unfortunately this isn’t the case. The stories are pretty basic news – nothing that would set them apart from other publications. Additionally, the website’s credibility is suspect because of what I would consider a lack of effort on behalf of the staff.

FoxboroughPatch does well with attributions and also has contact information and profiles of its contributors. You can get acquainted with contributors, who are all longtime residents as well as knowledgeable in the media field. Being longtime residents gives them an advantage over many other news sources because not only do they know the area, but they also know people in the area. All in all, I’d say that FoxboroughPatch is reasonably credible and trustworthy.

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